Sponsored Post – Greek Yogurt Parfaits with MCT Oil

These breakfast beauties are layered with fruit and crumbled protein bars… talk about starting your day off right! This “non-recipe” is super customizable depending on your mood/dietary preferences. These MCTco bars are some of my favorite meal bars – they’re full of protein and healthy fats without any added junk.


6 oz plain greek yogurt

1/2 tsp natural sweetener

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 meal or protein bar, broken into pieces

Optional toppings: fresh fruit, coconut flakes, seed/nut granola


Mix the yogurt with natural sweetener and vanilla in separate bowl. Add half of the yogurt mixture to the bottom of a mini glass mason jar (or other sealable container). Add a layer of your desired toppings, then repeat with the second half of the yogurt and toppings. Make it ahead of time and grab it on the way out of the door tomorrow!

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